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Aiming for the Gold Standard (Round 2)

With the first gild having been laid, I found that there were lots of gaps, so I went back over it repeating the process from the previous day and let it dry for another night.

When I was happy that I had taken care of the holes I dusted off any loose gold and gave the gild a burnish with some rolled cotton. I was a bit unsure how much or how hard to do the burnishing, and decided that I didn't want to push things too far and end up removing the gold I'd applied.

To protect the gold that had been applied in the correct places I backed it up by painting on some One Shot imitation gold, as I thought it would do a better job of hiding any imperfections than black would. This time I used my template on the working side of the glass after poking holes through the design with a pin (I have a pounce wheel that will do this, but I found that the pin method was more accurate) which allows chalk to be dusted over the template (pouncing), transferring the design to the work. I used the chalk outline as a guide for the painted regions and left the paint to dry for a few hours.

When I was sure that the paint had dried I took some cotton wool buds and began to remove the rest of the gold using water.

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