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Degree Show Catalogue 2019

Here is a copy of my entry into the Degree Show catalogue 2019.

facebook - drewwez13

instagram - @drew.wez13

"As a mature student, I have experience in the public and private sectors, working as part of larger teams. I am familiar with the dynamics of a hierarchical management system.

As a student I have worked for a marketing agency, and a signage and vehicle livery company, putting my illustration, branding, editorial and motion design skills to good use. I have covered events photography and taken product photographs and corporate head-shots.

I enjoy the methodical approach to creating tessellating patterns that repeat indefinitely.

The projects that give me most satisfaction are those with an element of non-digital design. My degree show piece explores non-digital methods of design at various stages of the design process and attempts to push the perceptions of what is taught and what can be learned at university. You don’t just develop skills at university, you develop YOU."

24kt gold lettering mounted behind reverse painted glass

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