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Degree Show - Is this thing happening?

There is a buzz about getting things ready for the Degree Show, and we have been given a breakdown of the next 4 weeks leading up to it, but none of us seem to be getting any closer to finding out anything about the Identity & Branding, Fund Raising, Promotional & Marketing, and any other related preparation.

I know that the team responsible for the Identity have had a meeting with some of the university staff and presented something to them, but beyond that we don't know anything. I don't even know what they presented or why.

This feels like one of those diary entries in a book where the characters are reading back the report of the final days before some great disaster where the writing trails off into an increasingly difficult to read scrawl until eventually it ends with aarrggh!

"Look, if he was dying, he wouldn't bother to carve 'aarrggh'. He'd just say it!"

"Perhaps he was dictating."

Yes, it's turning into a Monty Python sketch.

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