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Degree Show Prep - nothing to see here

Updated: Apr 30, 2019

While we were being sorted into groups for the degree show earlier in the year, I had been put into a group to look into Marketing, but specifically in relation to interaction with schools in the area.

I did point out at the time that this particular group seemed to be counter intuitive since the University already has a Marketing department that reaches out to schools, arranging for students to come and see the shows, as well as reaching out for potential recruitment of new students each year.

The tutor who divided us up into the groups had advised that we should approach this task as being purely about promoting the degree show and our own work, and not as an exercise to promote the University to the schools and potentially repeat what the University already does. We were advised that there might be the opportunity to put on some kind of workshops for visiting students that some how relates to the degree show itself.

It is now some months since the initial meeting about the degree show, and we have had other meetings in between, including one where my group (there are two of us) were told that we should not approach the University Marketing team, and should instead wait for feedback from a meeting being held the following week. This made the following week's degree show meeting rather awkward since we had nothing to feedback to the whole year, except for information passed to us in the 2 mins leading up to the time when we were supposed to be presenting our findings. Although we didn't really have anything to say, we were given a further 8 students to stand with us to look like part of our team, all of whom have never been seen again.

I have taken it upon myself to chase down the original tutor and ask for a contact name at the University Marketing team to see if there is actually anything that my group can do in relation to schools. I suspect that there won't be since I have been advised that a number of planned visits of students from other schools to the University have been cancelled for various reasons.

Also, judging by the amount of work that everyone in the 3rd year has on, it is highly unlikely that anyone will have availability to help arrange and put on workshops for students.

I might find myself spending the couple of weeks leading up to the show, painting things white and generally mucking in to get the show prepared.

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