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Degree Show Prep

After a slow start on the organisational and marketing front, the degree show is now approaching and we have to prepare spaces for approximately 140 students. This preparation involves installing dividing modular partition walls that have to be filled, sanded and painted. Each student is expected to have at least an 8ft by 8ft space, with some exceptions to this.

I had a feeling from the start of the Degree Show process that I would end with my sleeves rolled up and covered in paint preparing space for other students. and that is pretty much exactly what has happened. Myself and one other student have been asked to organise the other students so that they know the correct way of prepping the areas, and so that they can work cleanly without producing Jackson Pollock inspired floor art.

Most of the organisation revolves around welcoming new students, giving them the correct tools, explaining how to do the work and allocating areas for them to work. We also have to impress upon them that they are responsible for the paint roller they are given, and that while they are free to leave at any time, they must wash out the roller before departure.

Day 1 of painting was a normal 9 - 5 shift with students coming and going in waves, while I ensured that they all had enough supplies to keep a near constant work flow.

Day 2 still involved as much running around on my part, but I also stayed behind with a couple of students who decided they wanted to put some real hours into getting things ready, which meant that day 2 was a total of 12 hours on site.

I don't mind putting the work in, as that's the kind of work ethic I am used to. I also don't mind when other students put their project work first to ensure they get it done, and then come and help when they can. The thing that really bugs me though is when certain students are on site and won't do any preparations because they are not exhibiting in the studio that is currently being prepped.

I have had some fantastic students helping out over the last two days, some working for a few hours solid, others offering thirty minutes when they can, all of whom are happy to put the work in where required, and are fitting it around their own busy work load. It's just a shame that there are a few that are making the work more difficult for the rest of us because they think they are more important or entitled than the rest of us.

We're all busy, it is stressful, but we can work together.

It should be another long shift tomorrow, hopefully I'll get round to working on my project at some point before the exhibition deadline.

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