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Degree show update

I decided to report my concerns to the Head of Department about the lack of movement on anything relating to the Degree Show preparation, and the fact that the 'team' I was put into doesn't really have a function. I asked if she knew if there was anything I should be working on or if I should look to join another group, or if she knew if it was likely that we would hear anything to do with the progress made by teams so far. I stated that my primary concern was that we would have a show that was disorganised and thrown together in the last minute with no clear focus or message, and that secondly I was worried that since I am expected to blog about my involvement in the Degree Show Preparation process there is very little I can actually write about.

I was reassured that closer to the date of the exhibition there would be a mad flurry of activity where I could easily find a place to get involved.

I understand that the Degree Show is supposed to be student lead, but I feel like the way the whole thing was lack lustre at best. Groups were set up by randomly assigning people to them; in my case I was assigned to something that wasn't even feasible, almost as if they needed to 'something' to give us. The groups that have been set up don't seem to have taken ownership of their roles or established any lines of communication with the rest of us. The only thing that most of us know so far is the name of the show that has been agreed on.

There's no 'I' in team, but surely I need to be in a team? The prospect of painting things white is getting steadily more and more appealing.

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