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This year saw a large chunk of my time being dedicated to a group project which proved equally interesting and challenging. I think that the dynamics of a group project had been something that we had each taken for granted, and as such we all had our own individual wobbles on the road to completing the project.

The first time we had a wobble was caused by a half-term break and a lack of communication leading into it. This caused some panic in the early stages until we were able to re-establish lines of communication and reorganise the workloads.

After the first incident we were able to as a team react to the availability of individuals and keep the allocation of tasks quite fluid so that the work was still getting done. Although the project was very lengthy, it helped the team to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the team members which made the last couple of weeks really productive.

We took advantage of the illustrative styles of Liam Jewell. Joe O'Reilly did us proud with his research and ability to create some physical artefacts for the project. Krissy Jones was able to sort out our presentations and social media mockups, and I took car of product photography and editorial layout. There were many other skills involved in creating the piece which we all took turns with to produce the final outcome.

Overall it was a productive project that allowed us to create something together which was bigger and better than if we had all worked individually, and we think we had a solid idea for a business concept.

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