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Future endeavours

I wrote a post earlier in the year about signwriter Harry Mytton who is based in Liverpool who did the signage for the new wine bar in Chester called PicNic.

I noticed recently that Harry was offering house numbering at a discounted rate for people with a Liverpool postcode during the month of June. This involves reverse painted and gilded windows either beside the door, or above it. I think these numbers look great and I think it was Harry's work on some houses in Chester that made him appear on my radar on Instagram.

I'm still very interested in signwriting and gilding, and Harry had offered for me to come down to Liverpool and 'talk signs' which I plan to do, but I think it might be worth asking him if he would like someone to hold his ladders and pass him brushes during June when he is running this promotion. I think the offer would help him out by speeding things up, and might help me by getting to see some gilding on site first hand. It can't hurt to ask, and I might be able to transfer those skills to other things.

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