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Gold Standard (No peeking)

I couldn't resist having a look at my handy work.

So I should explain that during the many times of having to pick up the glass and put it away for the night, then getting it out again, it collected fingerprints which I decided I wanted to get rid of. I used the Avery Dennison Surface Cleaner spray to clean the glass and noticed almost immediately that it was starting to take off some of the outline of the letters.

My project is about physical methods of making things as apposed to digital, and my work involves having some sort of physical attribute or technique somewhere along the design process where possible. With this in mind I decided to keep the edges roughed up, and am even toying with the idea of distressing the sign further at a later stage to produce some textural quality that I would be unable to achieve digitally. If this is not the look you are going for, you might want to try a different method of cleaning the glass once it has been painted. I would suggested getting a good quality caught varnish and using it to protect the edges of your letters by overlapping them and the glass, producing a sacrificial edge that might prevent loss in fidelity.

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