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Learning about fixings

I have learned a lot from the technicians this year. A personal favourite is mounting an angled button to the back of a sign that can be received by another opposite baton fixed to a wall. I found out later that this is called a French Cleat, and it works really well as a semi permanent wall fixing which allows the shelf, sign or other item to be removed easily, and another put in its place.

The system will allow me to be able to hang two halves of a sign and be able to push them up against each other to make it appear that they are one piece. All it took was a five minute discussion about what I required, some sketches and some wood being cut. After that I was left to drill pilot holes and counter sinks into the wood to receive the screws. I think that for me to come up with a similar idea would have taken days. It just shows the value of having good techinical support when working on a project.

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