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Malika Favre

In March 2015 I attended an event called Design Manchester, and as part of the event there was a talk given by Malika Favre who's work I was not familiar with at the time. She is a French born artist based in London, with a unique visual style.

Her work is often minimalist and can include repeating patterns. They often appear to be flat illustrations, but sometimes include the illusion of depth.

Of all the projects she showed on the night, my favourite was for the 2015 BAFTA awards which was made up of a number of posters, some of which were for the event itself, and others were for the nominated films. I particularly enjoyed how each of the images incorporated a clever use of shadow to add to the story of the image.

Here is a link to a gallery on Malika's website that shows some of the posters. Part of the fun is trying to guess the names of the films that are being depicted.

There is also a good interview with Malika in Adobe Create Magazine.

Another of my favourites was this one of a hot air ballon because it really stretches the perception of the flat illustrative style.

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