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Picnic in Chester

Updated: May 22, 2019

I decided to start a larger piece of reverse gilded glass today and was spurred on when I checked my Instagram feed this morning.

Harry Mytton has just completed this window sign for a soon to open wine bar in Chester called Picnic, so I decided to throw my stuff in the car and head out to see it first hand, and hopefully catch up with Harry.

Unfortunately Harry was not on site, having completed that part of the job the previous day, but it didn't stop me getting some pictures and posting the on Instagram. Harry has done a great job, and it's good to be able to see some fresh gilding first hand. The shine on those water gilded letters is unreal when seen first hand. I was also able to get up close and personal and see how Harry had sealed the edges with varnish leaving a sacrificial edge just past the letters. This won't be seen easily by anyone unless they are looking for it and serves as a line of defence against over enthusiastic window cleaning.

Within about half an hour of me posting and saying how much I appreciated seeing his work, Harry had commented back asking if I paint. I had to confess that I was new to it all, and only really trying things out while at university. I told him about my ambition to do a gilded sign and he seemed positive, and even suggested that if I'm ever in Liverpool and want to talk signs, I should stop by. Top bloke.

You can find more of Harry's work on his website or on his Instagram @harrymyttonsigns.

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