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Return to 40K

While working on a University project where I was making mock-up of a counter top display unit, I needed some way of applying a logo to some wood that had been painted black. I had tried chalks, and although the overall look was pleasing, it was not long lasting. It was then that I remembered the paints I had used in my childhood when playing Warhammer 40,000 and how easily I had been able to paint not only the models, but my personal stereo and various pieces of bedroom furniture with my own designs. (Looking back and knowing what I know now, it seems I was starting to look explore the art of signwriting).

I decided to seek out my local Games Workshop, knowing that they would stock the paints and brushes I would need. When I entered the store I was struck by how far the sculptured miniatures had come in the nearly 20 years since I had last played the games. I left the store with a pot of the white paint I needed for my project, a new small paint brush, and a free tester model of the new range of Primaris Space Marines. The project went well, and the paint did what I needed it to do. Although I had no intention of getting back into the hobby any further than owning and perhaps one day painting the Marine, the seeds had been sown, and I soon got to work painting.

Starting with just white, it became apparent that I would need to expand my pallet and understanding of the lore behind the game to stop my Marine looking like a take on a Star Wars Stormtrooper; and so it was that I came to choose the White Scars chapter, albeit their successor chapter the Storm Reapers.

My skill at painting have improved since this first attempt after restarting the hobby as an adult, but while I fight the urge to repaint it, I have decided to keep some photos as a record of my progress. I hope to follow up this post with further progress pictures, and perhaps even some commentary on painting methods.

For now, here's the first model I painted:

First space marine
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