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What do they teach you at University?

Updated: Feb 20, 2019

3D lettering
Poster-zine typography

In my third year at Uni and trying to decide what to do for my negotiated practice, which could in turn become my exhibition piece.

I have to put together an A1 poster-zine (poster that folds into a type of magazine) that frames the brief I am setting myself in the form of a question. Well the question I get asked the most is "What does University actually teach you?" I aim to do a series of typographic pieces that explore what it is that University has taught me, or rather what I have had to go out and learn for myself while attending University.

I intend to use this as an opportunity to go and talk with the technicians on site so that I may learn some of their 'Dark Arts' that are available if you know what questions to ask, and who to ask them to. It seems that the lecturers have not been going out of their way to make it known what processes and techniques are available, so I will have to forge ahead into territory unknown to see at the end how I can answer the question

"What does University actually teach you?".


Ok, so this post seems to suggest that I don't feel like I am being taught anything at University, and I would like say that is not the case. The lecturers have constantly challenged my ideas and processes, they have taught me to question myself and push harder than perhaps I would have. I wouldn't say they have taught me how to think, and certainly not what to think, but I have questioned their advice at times. If the answer to "What does University actually teach you?" is "to question", then it's high time I started asking the technicians some questions so that I can start getting some answers. This degree isn't going to pass it's self.


I will be listing this and other related posts under the Negotiated Practice section, that way any of my experiments that relate in some way to developing my skills and ideas for this project, but may not be directly linked to it can all be seen in context.

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