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Collaboration Week at Chester University

During collaboration week, students from all disciplines of Art and Design were thrown together to produce a collaborative exhibition that tackled a given phrase.

The group I was working with were given the phrase 'Social Responsibility' and had to explore what it meant, and how they were going to tackle the issue.

The decision that was collectively reached was to create a kind of pop-up demonstration with hand written signs and banners that could be a mixture of serious slogans and humorous ones, as a way of exploring the phrase.

The one day exhibition seemed well received, and the local MP came down to see it and even recorded a piece for his social media next to the slogans. He thought it was great that students and young people were taking an interest in political issues, and could inject some humour too.

The exhibition went so well that we were asked to move into a space that had a street facing window, so that it could be left up all weekend.

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