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Finding Creative Solutions

I have recently joined Creative Solutions (NW) Ltd as their Creative Director. So far, my role has been mostly internally focussed, ensuring that the business branding and marketing strategies are in place and effective.

There is still much to do in terms of fully realising the business plan, but we are making headway. We aim to be the number one creative agency in the North West; primarily offering photography, videography, graphics, and web services to our client base.

While each of these sections will run well independently, the real magic will happen when projects arise that require more than one of these services at a time. Cross discipline methods of working will enhance our workflow allowing for collaborative fluidity, which will speed up a project’s completion and in turn, ensure a high-quality end result.

I expect that our differing backgrounds and experience will help our collaborative efforts to reach out beyond the disciplines we specialize in, allowing us to draw upon the skills of other creatives within the industry to realize larger ambitions and projects.

It is still early days, and things might evolve as time goes on, but I thought I would record my thoughts at this stage so that I can look back on them in the future and see where the business is in relation to my initial ideas.

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