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Hands on

You might notice that a lot of the work done on the character appears to be simultaneous, and you'd be right. I find it much easier to work on the character in larger chunks of time, whereas the writing up of what I did isn't afforded as much time, as it is not really the priority. I would sooner have something I can animate to produce a final video that can be handed in, rather than a detailed step by step, and no video.

That being said, I think it is important that I at least document the process.

The hands of the armature had small holes in it that are designed for lengths of wire to be slotted through, folded in half and then twisted to create fingers. I'm pretty sure that the wire I used was soldering grade. I wrapped the wire in electricians tape as it would form a barrier between the wire and the clay which should hopefully make it easier to remove the clay at a later date. Then it was just a case of applying just enough clay, and smoothing it out.

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