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Motion for the sake of movement?

Updated: Feb 20, 2019

While studying at UOC, I was asked to build up a collection of things over a six month period. Sound vague? Well that's because it was. Follow this up over a five week period with five mini briefs relating to the collection that were informed by a single word. The rapid fire nature of these briefs and the fact that the next one was only released after the previous one had concluded, lead to some rather incoherent ideas, which were then supposed to be put together into a single exhibition proposal. The whole concept is bonkers, and I doubt at any time I would be expected to piece together so many disparate ideas into a single piece while trying to blag that they all belong.

Here you will find a video that I had a week to put together under the title of Motion using the collection of things I had acquired. Motion for the sake of movement? I guess so. If it doesn't appear to make any sense, that's because it doesn't. Even the attempt at giving it some context has left it vague. What have I been taught in this process? How to blag your way through life? I think the explanation I will be given by the tutors is that I was given quick briefs to push my creativity to its limits with a single subject. I really think the results would have been much better if I'd been given some idea of the overarching direction this was all supposed to be heading, and I'd have probably shared some of the other briefs and design process because they would have made sense. The only reason I'm sharing this one is because in order to submit my work for assessment I have to provide a link to somewhere that the video exists. I'm assuming that this is allow me to blog and mention UOC (deliberately abbreviated) and hashtag it etc, to promote the course and the institution.

So - Motion for the sake of movement? - Yes

Posting for the sake of submission? - Yes

A post that will last beyond graduation - Probably not

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