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Creating the Glitch

In film and animation a glitch was an element within the film that was not intended to be seen by the audience, which could have either been creating during the filming process or be the result of some kind of failing in the screening process. Glitches include scratchy film frames, contact cards, discoloured images, seeing the strips at the edge of the film. While in traditional film making these elements would have been a sign of a mistake, they have become used in contemporary film making as deliberate elements.

For the next stage of the project we were asked to choose a 15 second clip from a larger 6 minute audio file, and rework our original footage, adding any frames that we may have discounted previously, to make an animation with a glitchy feel to it.

The main objective was to create something that was in time to the music, and appeared to be showing errors and glitches that may have resulted from analogue or digital methods of creating a film that would normally have been fixed during the process of editing.

It was a fun process which led to a lot of experimentation within Premier Pro. One of the methods I used was overlaying photos of scratches and ink blots that I had taken in the past, and choosing an overlay effect that would simulate the look of a degraded grainy film.

I am most proud of this piece as I think it managed to bring the other footage together into a coherent piece that I feel works better than the individual pieces on their own.

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