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David A. Smith - Victorian Mirrors

David Smith is a British signwriter, glass gilder, lettering artist, and mirror maker; and that's only the surface of this man's talents. He specialises in Victorian style clear cut, bevelled glass, reverse painted mirrors that he produces from his own studio in Torquay.

I think I first came across David's art when I found a video about his work with Jamerson Whiskey, and since then his name just keeps coming up. It seems like most of the guests, the majority of whom are from the US, on Sean Starr and Norma Jeanne Maloney's podcast Coffee with a Sign Painter know of his work. He pops up on forums giving help and advice to people about gilding, and he seems like an all round nice guy too.

His clients include John Mayer, Kings of Leon, Paul Reed Smith Guitars, Bernie Marsden of Whitesnake, and that's just the music related ones I could find.

I contacted David, probably about 2 years ago to inquire about the sign writing and gilding courses he offers, and he was very helpful. At the time I was right in the middle of my University study, and realistically it wouldn't have been a good time for me to travel down to Torquay for a week or more. If things work out after Uni, I plan on treating myself to one of his glass workshops as a graduation present. I find his work fascinating to watch, and inspirational. He is a true master of the craft (although he'll probably admit to constantly learning more each day) and is keeping this tradition alive.

Here is a link to the movies section of David's website. If you're anything like me, you'll spend ages looking and the beautiful craftsmanship which is only really touched upon in these films.

Looking for more of a fix? Add David on Instagram @davesmithartist, I especially like his story section on the Ludlow and Blunt mirror he has been working on.

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