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Professional Interview - Feedback 2

The second part of my feedback from the professional interview focused on the portfolio itself. As stated in the previous lot of feedback, it was felt that the first project I presented (Beard Balms) was really strong and included good photography of the products.

The second project which was a corporate branding project was some what underwhelming and it was suggested that I should have the confidence to offer my own creative thinking to the clients to give them support with their design.

"You have some super impactful work and it is good that you have applied this to show the work in context. Take some of your creative thinking through to some of the other projects. Your signwriting will help you be differentiated when going to agencies"

The feedback reflects what I felt about the portfolio and the work presented in it. I would like to think that the Beard Balm project and the Signwriting one are a more true reflection of my individual working style since they have not been influenced by a client, and I was given the time to explore the ideas to an extent that allowed me to fully formulate and realise the projects potential.

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