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Book Cover Design

Cover mockup

The cover incorporates aspects of what might be included in a starter kit for how to be a woman.

How to be a Woman kit

Caitlin Moran says there is no actual guide for how to be a woman, but if there was the instructions would probably be in Chinese. I decided to take a queue from this and design a starter kit. The instructions are a passage from the book translated into Chinese.

Polaroid Print

This design is based on the description Caitlin Moran gave of her 12th birthday.

Sindy Beach

The idea for this concept came from a passage in the book where Caitlin Moran describes using sanitary towels as beds for her Sindy dolls.

Tools used:

Illustrator, Photoshop, Lightroom, Lighting and Photography


Entry for Penguin Random House UK's student design awards 2016.

Creation of a book cover for Caitlin Moran’s book “How to be a Woman” along with an explicit, and an implicit poster.

I would normally have avoided this kind of brief, but I decided to push myself to find out if I could design something from a female perspective.

Although not all of the examples shown are finished, they have been included to show the range of ideas that can come from reading a text and trying to interpret it into explicit or implicit messages.

There were some solid ideas in this project that used a mixture of digital and physical techniques, and scope to expand upon some of the elements more, such as using a 3D printer to physically make the model sprue, or setting up a more sophisticated beach scene.

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