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Logo & Branding

Gold Stamping Logo Mock-Up
Business card 01
Embossed Card MockUp 2
hoodie Back and Front 01
Plastic Sport Drink Bottle Mock-up PSD Files-2
Mug 1

Tools Used:

Illustrator, Photoshop.

I was approached by Donna who was running a personal training business in her spare time catering for all ages and family group sessions. She wanted something that reflected the fitness, core strength, stretching, and family group sessions.

The logo works really well and the typeface used is called Macho, which was a happy coincidence as Donna had expressed that most Personal Trainers seemed to have a macho, weight lifting focus, and she wanted something more holistic. The D13 was Donna's idea as it looks like her initials DB, and I think I managed to suggest the connection without being too literal.

I developed the brand identity and produced a set of brand guidelines to allow Donna to effectively market herself and her business. Donna has since gone on to have some hoodies made up, and is using the branding on all her marketing material. She has also taken the plunge into pursuing personal training full time.

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