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Typography Posters


Didot, Eifel Tower design


Didot poster 2


Cooper Black poster 1


Cooper Black posters


Cooper Black, reactionary poster to the 2016 French terror attacks

Tools used:

Illustrator, Photoshop

Typographic posters showcasing the characteristics of the typefaces Didot and Cooper Black.

To gain an understanding of the history typography I set about researching iconic typefaces, their creators, and foundries that produced them. I considered famous examples of the use of each typeface, the message it was used to convey, and the tonality of the communication. Typefaces I researched for this project included Helvetica, Baskerville, Times (and Times New Roman), Futura, and Gill Sans.

The fonts I chose for the poster designs were Didot - a late 18th Century French font; and Cooper Black - designed in the USA in the 1920’s.

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