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Beyond Digital


Sign painted bevelled letters


Laser engraved skateboard


Sign painted 3d letters with cast shadow


23kt gold bevelled letters mounted behind reverse painted glass

Tools used:

Illustrator, Photoshop, Lightroom, Lighting and Photography, Sign Writing, Gold Leaf

The aim of this project was to explore the techniques available to me while at university that went beyond being purely digital. In the process I spent a lot of time with the technicians on the university campus to learn about a variety of techniques that I could later incorporate into the designs. I also went away and learned the basics of signwriting and gilding in order to show that as a student you don't have to limit yourself to the skills that are available to learn on campus.

The approach I took during this project has helped to shape the way that I design. I see digital design as a tool within the process designing rather than being the entire design process. Sketching and idea generation can be achieved much more quickly with a pencil and paper before committing anything to digital. Something as simple as taking a photograph of an interesting texture that can be used later in a digital vector graphic can help to give the resulting design an edge or sense of realism that digital alone might lack. I hope to keep integrating analogue and digital methods in my future work.

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